View of the Suter Art Gallery. The building is reflected in the Queens Gardens pond in the foreground. Photo by the Nelson Provincial Museum. Reference number: 9892

Throwback Thursday: Suter Art Gallery


For this week’s Throwback Thursday we are taking a look at the Suter Art Gallery, which is one of New Zealand’s oldest Art museums.

The gallery was named after the second bishop of Nelson, Andrew Burn Suter, who was a collector of art and always dreamt of building an art gallery.

After his death in 1895, his wife Amelia worked to achieve his dream and bought land near the Queens Gardens to build the new gallery.

Sadly, Amelia died just a year after her husband, but their dream lived on and the Suter Art Gallery was finally opened in 1899.

In 2016 work was finished on an expansion to the original gallery, which greatly extended the museum and protects the old heritage building.