Throwback Thursday: Nelson Public Library


The Nelson Public Library building has served different functions over the course of its history, but it has remained in use on Hardy Street for over 100 years.

The building was erected in 1911 and was opened in 1912, with the public library on the ground floor and the museum on the second floor.

By the 1970s the library was too small and old to serve the growing population of nelson, and the building declined in its use.

In 1990 the new public library was opened and was named after Elma Turner a former Councillor and activist for a new library.

Since 1991 the building was used by the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology as their Fisheries School.



  1. Wow, a building that remained in the same spot for 110 years, what an achievement as most buildings tend to get bored after a while and wander off. What about its use as a library, and that it has not been used for years because it does not meet the earthquake standards. There is also no School of Fishery anymore, it is now called IMINZ (International Maritime Institute of New Zealand) and is located directly opposite this building in Hardy Street.