Photo by stevep2008 @flickr

TB infection in Collingwood dairy herd


A Collingwood dairy herd has been infected with bovine tuberculosis; the infection has been identified and is under investigation.

Kevin Crews, National Disease Manager with OSPRI, says the infection was detected in approximately two per cent of cows in a medium-sized dairy herd during routine testing in January.

It’s the first infection in the Golden Bay area for more than 10 years.

Tasman district TBfree Committee Chair Roy Bensemann says that news of an infection is always hard to hear but can be dealt with.

“We know the road to eradication is the right one and we’re making great progress towards it. But we also know that there will be the odd infection on the way – it doesn’t mean the programme is a failure,” says Roy.

“It can and will be managed until the farm is clear of infection, but this is part of the process towards eradication.”

With careful management and isolation from other animals, TB can be contained and eradicated from any herd.