Surgery numbers soar in Nelson


Nelsonians are having more elective surgeries than ever before, according to the latest report by the Ministry of Health.

Elective surgeries within the region have increased by four per cent, with 6434 surgeries recorded in 2016.

The most significant surgery increase is a 21 per cent rise in the number of hip and knee replacements from 2008 when 412 replacements were recorded.

Both orthopaedic elective surgeries and cataract surgeries have also risen by 13 per cent.

Nationwide elective surgeries increased by 40 per cent, with hip and knee replacements increasing by 31 per cent.

Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman says the increases are a sign of greater accessibility.

“We’re focused on delivering results, ensuring New Zealanders can access more services. In health, our results speak for themselves,” says Jonathan.

To support the increase in elective surgeries, the Nelson Marlborough DHB will receive an extra $11 million this year, taking the DHB’s total funding to $443 million for 2017.


Nelson Marlborough DHB elective surgery statistics

Nelson Marlborough DHB 2008 2016 Change % Change
Elective Surgeries 6,188 6,434 246 4%
Orthopaedic elective surgeries 1,014 1,147 133 13%
Cataract surgeries 497 563 66 13%
Hip and knee replacements 412 499 87 21%