Police pursuit ends in Wakefield


A woman has been arrested after her involvement in two vehicle incidents this evening, the last ending in a collision with a police car in Wakefield.
The woman was involved in an incident in Nelson earlier this evening, police responded to it but the woman stole a second car and a pursuit began at around 6pm.
Police called the pursuit off before locating the woman again in Stoke, her speed reaching 120km around the Elms St area, which currently has a speed limit of 30km.
Police followed her out to Wakefield where road spikes had been set up but the woman pulled off the road prior to reaching them, just before the turn off to Eighty-eight Valley. A police officer moved his car in front of hers to prevent the woman from taking off again. She then proceeded to drive her car into his stationary vehicle. The woman was arrested and taken to Nelson station where she will be charged. Considering the dangerous way in which the woman was driving, police say it’s incredibly fortunate she did not seriously hurt anyone.
The pursuit and collision took place between approximately 6pm and 6:30pm.