Store manager Dianne Timbs (front) with the new volunteers for Nelson’s Hospice shop. From right to left are: Jillian Pratt, Kalese Phillips, Justine Robinson, Tiina Voolman, Adrieanne Tawaka, Daryl Page, Pat Dudley, and GM of the Hospice shops Karen MacKenzie-Howe.

‘Overwhelming’ response for hospice shop volunteers


A call for volunteers for Nelson’s Hospice Shop has been answered.

In February, the shop had to shut its doors due to a severe lack of volunteers – so Nelson Weekly helped them to put the word out through an article.

Fast-forward one month, and the shop now has 11 new volunteers who are trained and ready to go, another five in training – and, the phone is still ringing.

Shop manager Dianne Timbs says she has been “completely overwhelmed” with the response, and they now have a great mix of people from “all different walks of life.”

“Two of the new volunteers work full-time but are managing to give some of their time to us, some are retirees that have some time to give back, while some of the younger helpers are currently doing a retail course at NMIT – so this is great experience for them.”

“It has just been fantastic and it’s just going to take so much pressure off,” she says.

Hospice volunteer manager Rebecca Colley says she has also been blown-away with the response.

“I asked them all what made them decide to volunteer and the majority said it was because of the article in the Nelson Weekly.”

“Many of them actually said: ‘I’ve have wanted to do something like this for ages’ – and reading the article just gave them the encouragement to actually do it,” she says.

“We are extremely thankful.”

Some of the new volunteers have already started, following an orientation last week.

They will be taking on a variety of roles from serving at the counter and displaying merchandise, to behind the scenes roles such as sorting donations, ironing clothes, washing, or driving the Hospice truck to pick up donations.

Rebecca says they are always looking for volunteers to fill the gaps. For more info call 546 3912 or email [email protected]