Scott McKenzie, left and Luke Thelin are the next generation in their family to take on coaching roles in the club. The duo will coach the Waimea Senior B team in 2017. Photo Jacob Page.

Next generation of coaches


New Waimea Old Boys senior B coaches Scott McKenzie and Luke Thelin are forging their own path as the next generation of their family to be involved in the club.

The duo, who once played senior rugby together, will share the coaching duties of the senior B team this year.

Both men have fathers, uncles and brothers who have given many years of service to Waimea Old Boys.

Luke’s father Errol was the coach of Waimea College’s 1st XV for decades and had a season coaching Waimea Old Boys’ senior A side, while Scott’s dad John coached the Waimea Old Boys senior team and Nelson Bays in the 1990s.

Scott says after winning a senior A championship as a player with Waimea, he was keen to begin his coaching career with the club.

He then asked Luke to be his assistant and it didn’t take long for the 28-year-old to sign up.

“Scott asked me to be part of it and since I can’t play anymore this seemed like a good way to stay involved,” Luke says.

Luke started the 2016 season trying to play through severe hip pain.

“In the space of a month I had MRIs, CT scans, cortisone injections and I was eventually told I had bad arthritis in my hips,” Luke says. “I was hanging around at trainings last year so this seemed a natural progression for this season.”

Scott says the senior B team will work more closely with the senior A squad this  year, meaning players will be able to float between the two as needed.

But he says the goal is still to get their hands on silverware.

“We are a proud club and we will be in there trying to win the whole thing. The Bs have had a good run of winning so we have something to live up to with our history.”

Both men say they aim to work well together to ensure the senior stocks at the club continue and if they ever need some sage advice they only need to call their dads.