Marsden Park residents, from left, Tony Broughton, Lawrie Currie, Vicky de Jong, Pat Cox, Mitchell Wilson, Rachel Curran, Neave Curran, Pete de Jong, Mark Cox, Jo Managh and Jono Curran. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Marsden Park residents celebrate Neighbours Day


Some quick thinking from residents at Marsden Park saved their Neighbours Day celebrations from rain on Sunday.

Original plans at Marsden Park Reserve were canned and gazebos were quickly erected in a resident’s garage.

The Marsden Park party was one of 45 gatherings around Nelson for the annual celebration.

The organiser of the Marsden Park party, Pete de Jong, says it’s an important event for the neighbourhood.

“Everyone’s so busy in life these days and you don’t get the opportunity to really talk and mix with neighbours, particularly people further down the street,” he says.

While some communities only get together on Neighbours Day, social gatherings amongst Marsden Park residents are more common, their last being a huge water fight in the reserve just before Christmas last year.

Rachel Curran says their neighbourhood is one to be celebrated.

“It’s a really safe community for the kids and you don’t have to keep eyeballing them all the time, they can walk round by themselves. That’s what I like about it the most, kind of like old-fashioned New Zealand when we were kids,” says Rachel.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson coordinator Karen Clark says the Nelson area had around 45 gatherings planned for Neighbours Day, although due to the weather some have been postponed until this weekend.

These range from barbeques, picnics, morning and afternoon teas, and pot luck dinners.

Bakery and meat vouchers were also handed out by Neighbourhood Support Nelson to encourage people to get together.