NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - March 18: NBL Basketball Nelson Giants v Taranaki on March 18 Trafalgar Centre 2017 in Nelson, New Zealand. (Photo by: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited)

LIVE BLOG Nelson Giants v Canterbury Rams


Welcome to the second Nelson Live blog for the National Basketball League season as the Mike Pero Nelson Giants welcome the Canterbury Rams to the Trafalgar Centre tonight.

The Giants have made their worst start to a campaign since 2011 starting with two losses including the 93-76 defeat to Taranaki seven nights ago at home.

The Rams come to Nelson with one win and two losses this season. They lost to the Wellington Saints 94-85 in their last outing.

Tip-off is at 7pm.

Into the final minute 106-78 Rams lead.


Fulltime 114-80 Rams win

8.28pm Time out with three and a half to go 99-71. Nice to have a large contingent of Wanabees here tonight. It’s really helped the atmosphere.

8.25pm Benches clear here. Delany and Washington hitting some buckets late. Time out here. The job doesn’t get any easier for the Giants as they welcome the Southland Sharks to Nelson on Thursday night.

8.24pm 93-66 here

8.11pm The margin is becoming a bit ugly now. 24 points. 78-54 Rams lead.

8.11pm Finn Delany reaches and gets a bucket 72-52 Rams as the Giants can’t get a stop.

8.07pm Game holds steady at the moment. The margin remains in the high teens  67-50.

8.04pm Curtis Washington gets the hook shot to go inside but the Giants can’t get defensive stops.

8.04pm The Giants, who had been competitive on the rebounds just missing a few defensive ones/ 61-45 to the Rams.

8.02pm Good start from the Giants as Prewster draws a foul that sees him going to the line. Shoots one of two.

8pm WQe are back with the second half. Finn Delany scores early 57-42 Rams lead.

7.42pm Rams are 1-20 from three point land. Halftime 57-40 here.

7.41pm Joe Slocum to his credit nails another three. 57-40 to the Rams.

7.40pm Three pointers killing the Giants 57-37.

7.39pm Prewster nails two free throws and then Slocum gets called for the offensive foul on the next play. 54-35.

7.35pm Finn Delany gets more points in the paint but the Giants are down 51-33 here.

7.34pm Finn getting some time to rest on the benc. Something he didn’t get last game.

7.33pm Four minutes left in the second, and the Giants call time out 47-29 down are the home team.

7.32pm Ali Granger with a three but the Rams reply in kind 46-29.

7.31pm Rams miss a three point play chance. Finn gets points in the paint. 39-26.

7.28pm Washington with a jam and then a rebound at the defensive end. 37-24 Rams lead.

7.28pm Tom Ingham returns as does Beri.

7.27pm Rams finding their range from outside. 37-22.

7.25pm Joe Slocum earns a big three! That was pretty 34-20 Rams lead.

7.24pm 30-17 as the Rams look to convert a three point play which they convert

7.23pm Prewster runs the length of the court and gets two to open the scoring 28-17.

7.22pm Second quarter underway.

7.21. The rams land a three late to Ram home their advantage. 28-15 at quarter-time.

7.20pm Finn Delany drives hard to the basket and draws the foul. Sinks both. 25-15.

7.20pm Prester finds space up the middle and Dickel is livid at his players for that. Prewster gets two free throws 23-13.

7,18pm Basket for all. Joe Slocum gets a bucket 23-11 Rams lead.

7.16 Rams land a three and Prewster leaves the ground and adds two. 18-9.

7.15pm Dempster doing it all for his team right now. Grabbing an intercept after a basket inside 15-7.

7.14pm Sam Dempster leads by example and gets a much needed three points 15-5 Rams lead.

7.14pm Halfway through the quarter. 13-2 Rams.

7.12pm Timeout to the Giants, Rusbatch gets two and it’s tough start for the Giants 11-2 Rams lead time out home team.

7.11pm Bronson Beri in, Washington sits for the Giants.

7.10pm Rams geta  three pointer. Giants struggling to get any penetration on offence. Lacking ideas, Another travel. 5-2 Rams lead.

7.08pm Marques Whippy gets two for the Rams, Prewster’s shot goes in and out. 2-2

7.07pm Offensive foul. Dempster earns the ball back the hard way for the Giants. 2-0

7.05pm Delany called for travelling, seems like its his technique so he’ll have to watch it. Washington opens the scoring 2-0 Giants.

7.04pm Defences rule in the first minute. No score, Giants ball.

7.03pm Dempster shot in and out, Granger grabs the board somehow despite being one of the smaller guys.

7.02pm Ethan Rusbatch the veteran is back for the Rams. Marcel Jones also one worth keeping an eye on stats wise tonight. Here we go.

7.01pm Slocum looks a little down about it as well. Head down, shoulders a bit slumped. Here’s hoping for a big impact for him off the bench tonight.

6.59pm Granger in the starting line up for Joe Slocum. The American struggling to find his feet in the league and loses his starting spot as a result.

6.57pm Giants starting five Ali Granger, Curtis Washington, Sam Dempster, Finn Delany, Dion Prewster

6.55pm -We’ll have your Giants starting five shortly.

6.48pm – Rams coach Mark Dickel acknowledges the crowd as he comes out. He shares a chat with Giants coach Alan McAughtry as both teams warm up.