Competitors chow down on chillies


Neither the rain nor the fiery-red looking chilis could deter four brave competitors from giving the very first Farmers Market chilli eating competition a go.

chilli3The hot chillies were grown by Heatherdale Orchard, while the specially made spicy billtong was supplied by Tanya Whitehead from Nyama.

First place and happy winner of $100 Deville and Farmers market vouchers was Bishnu Pradhan, she says that she eats spicy meals every day and that the heat of the chilis rated only a five out of ten.

chilli7Second place went to Bronwyn, who just wanted to try something new and third to John Higginbotham, who had to recover for about ten minutes after the hot food.

“I’m sweating, my eyes are about ready to shoot out of my head and I am in excruciating pain, but I’m happy.”

chilli4Last but not least was Pip Rene, who didn’t manage to finish her plate and admitted that the competition would have been a lot easier if she still had teeth.

The competition was organised by the Farmers Market to highlight the change of season and Organiser Miriam Clark says it went so well that they are hoping to make it an annual event.