Explosion in Brightwater shocks residents


There was a loud explosion in the normally quiet town of Brightwater, yesterday afternoon.

Many residents and workers heard the bang around 1.30pm and felt the shock of the explosion, which happened behind the Sprig & Fern, where building company CJ Industries is sealing the car park.

Brightwater 2Local Scissor Art hair salon owner Nicola Pons says she was leaning against the back firewall when the explosion occurred.

She says that the explosion caught her completely of guard and she felt it through the wall, “You just heard this massive bang and it honestly sounded like something thumped against the building.

“I thought the salon was under attack.”

The cause of the explosion is still being clarified but Nicola believes a gas leak was to balme.

“A truck rolled back… something happened and it caused a gas leak and then there was a spark which caused the big explosion,” says Nicole.

After the explosion a representative of the company came over and told the staff to not smoke outside in case any sparks ignited the gas, the salon took precautions and closed their back windows and the area is now safe.