Heatherdale Orchard’s Stephen Morris has been growing the chillies which will be eaten in a spicy showdown on Wednesday. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Chilli chomping comp


If you think you can handle heat then head down to the Morrison Square Farmer’s Market today for their first ever Chilli Eating Competition.

This Wednesday at 2pm, competitors will go head-to-head, battling the heat and each other to be the first to down a bowl of hot chillies grown by Heatherdale Orchard and a stick of spicy billtong made by Tanya Whitehead from Nyama.

The first person to consume all the chillies and biltong receives a meal voucher to Deville and Farmers Market vouchers to a combined value of $100.

The second and third placed competitors will also receive Nelson Farmers Market vouchers.

Nelson Farmers Market manager and event organiser Miriam Clark says the competition is to celebrate the change of seasons, have a bit of fun and challenge ourselves with food.

“It’d be great to see people cheering on brave, hardy souls who are prepared to put themselves out there and see if they can eat hot chillies.”

Chilli grower Stephen Morris from Heatherdale Orchard says he is expecting to see a few red faces, a lot of sweat and maybe even some tears.

To pre-register for the competition, contact Miriam on 0220102776, or [email protected], or sign up on the day.