Stoke Brownie Bella Haynes is one of the friendly faces going door-to-door selling Girl Guide biscuits this year.

Celebrating 60 years of girl guide biscuits


Pint-sized pipins, brownies, guides, and rangers have been going door-to-door selling girl guide biscuits, raising funds for Girl Guides New Zealand and marking the 60th year of the iconic cookie.

With the biscuit selling season about to wrap up, local biscuit distributor Julia Ferguson says 60 years on they’re as popular as ever.

“Everyone loves them, the oldies love the originals, the kids love the chocolate ones and then you’ve got the minis which are perfect for the younger ones,” says Julia Ferguson.

“It’s surprising how many people love them 60 years on. When you mention girl guide biscuits, they always say, ‘oh they’re so delicious, I love them, I haven’t had them for so long’.”

And Julia says it’s not just the buyers that love the biscuits, “the girls love selling them at the stall and they all get excited when we do the door-to-door.”

The Inner Glen, Nelson, Stoke, and Richmond pipins, brownies, guides, and rangers decide where to sell them, manage the money and develop people skills, meanwhile, the profits go to Girl Guiding, just as they did 60 years ago.

If you’ve missed the door-to-door sales, biscuits are available to buy online or pop down to Stoke New World from 4-6pm today where the Stoke Girl Guides will be selling the biscuits.