30 kmh speed limit for Queen St?


The speed limit on Richmond’s main street may be reduced to 30 kmh, if there is public support for the change.

The Tasman District Council plans to carry out a consultation on the speed reduction, which aims to support a more pedestrian-friendly Queen Street.

The street currently has a 50kmh speed limit.

Engineering Services Chairman Cr Stuart Bryant said, if adopted, the new limit would apply on the section of street between Gladstone and Salisbury roads.

“The Queen Street Upgrade underway at the moment will transform the street into a far more pedestrian-focussed space, with wide footpaths and no kerb and channel. It has been designed as low-speed environment,” says Stuart.

If adopted, the new speed limit will come into effect on July 1, 2017.

More information about the Queen Street Upgrade is available here.