Two fires over two days


The Nelson Fire Brigade are dampening down a fire in the scrub near Nelson Intermediate, this is the second fire set in the area in two days.

fire2Nelson Senior Station Officer Rob Allan says they were alerted to the fire at 1.50 pm while yesterday’s fire saw the fire brigade respond around 2 pm.

“It was just a small scrub fire,” says Rob. “The only coalition is that we had one up here yesterday as well so this is the second one.

“These fires generally don’t start themselves, the one yesterday was deemed suspicious and this one until proven otherwise will also be suspicious.”

Both fires were extinguished by two appliances with today’s blaze just nine meters away from a house.

Photo by Amanda Sears.

Local woman Amanda Sears says she smelt smoke before seeing the fire from her lounge window and calling 111.

“Neighbours were trying to throw water on it because there is a house right there but it was just getting bigger and bigger and spreading up the hill.”

A section of Jenner Rd was cordoned off to access the fire hydrant but has since been cleared.