View from the street of the Nelson Post Office on the corner of Trafalgar and Halifax Streets. Photo: Nelson Provincial Museum Photographic Reference number: 177632

Throwback Thursday: Nelson Post Office


Although the Nelson City Council Building now stands on the corner of Halifax and Trafalgar St, the spot was previously occupied by Nelson’s old post office building for 64 years.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Nelson post office expanded after acquiring a new site on the corner of Halifax and Trafalgar St.

The site was well outside the main city area in reclaimed swampland, but the post hoped that their new office building would attract other businesses.

In 1906 the new post office building was completed and the clocktower soon became an important landmark and orientation point.

The post office building had to be demolished in 1970 because of earthquake damage and a renovation being too expensive.

The new City Council Building was then built on the site, and the new building also has a clock tower.