Throwback Thursday: Anchor Shipping & Foundry building


The Anchor Shipping & Foundry building stood empty for many years now, but it still is a beautiful addition to the harbour scenery.

The building was built by the Anchor Shipping & Foundry Corporation in 1927, was later bought by a local distillery and is now owned by Nelson City Council.

The Company was established by Nathaniel Edwards in 1966 as the N. Edwards & Co which later changed its name to Anchor Shipping & Foundry Corporation.



By 1930 the Company was operating a small fleet of ships and many buildings in the harbour area, where they repaired and maintained the ships.

After 1980 the company was sold multiple times to different owners forcing it into liquidation by 1986.

Many of the old buildings of the company were demolished for new waterfront apartments but the Anchor Shipping & Foundry building remains as a reminder of Nelson’s history.