Tasman Utd coach back in UK


Richard Anderson’s tenure as Tasman United coach is over, with the Englishman posting a photo of himself on social media back in his country of birth.

The 31 year old manager was selected last year to head up the region’s return to national league football with Tasman United.

It is understood he struggled to gain the respect of players, many of whom were older than him. The team also struggled on the pitch, winning one game under his leadership, with the team rooted to the bottom of the Stirling Sports Premiership table.

Early this month Anderson was called to a meeting with Tasman United chair Mark Sheehan and Nelson Bays Football general manager Clive Beaumont. He failed to show and assistant coach Davor Tavich has been running the team since, collecting a draw and last weekend’s first home win, moving the team off the bottom of the ladder.

Sheehan confirmed to nelsonlive.co.nz that Davor will be taking the team for the remaining three games of the season.