Wholesale Landscape's team members, from left, Sarah Field, Bryce Senior, Tom Filmer and Dion Hamilton, with some of the products they will be giving away. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Making gardening wishes come true


Wholesale Landscapes are set to don their fairy wings and make gardening and landscaping wishes come true.
The Stoke-based firm is encouraging locals to post their gardening or landscaping wishes on its Facebook page and will then pick the best to receive free product from their business.
They are looking to help community groups, people in need or that good sort who deserves another good deed.
“We deliver high quality garden and landscaping products, in bulk and through our retail side, and a major part of our values is care, for our customers and our community,” says Wholesale Landscapes’ team member, Tom Filmer. “So, we’ve decided to give some product away, literally tonnes of it.”
After a customer came in wanting to create a vegetable garden for her family, but was unsure about exactly what she wanted, the team decided to so something nice and gave her the products she need to get her garden under way, which became the inspiration for the Wholesale Wish promotion.

“We thought that first giveaway was pretty awesome and that an interesting and cool way to do it was to grant some garden and landscaping wishes.”
Whether it’s a decorative path for your home, a community vegetable garden or new bark for your local school, Wholesale Landscapes wants to help make your garden and landscaping wishes come true.

“While we can’t grant all the wishes, everyone who makes a wish will receive something. It might be a trailer of growing media, garden ornaments and tools, or a great discount to help their project,” says Tom.
The more background and detail people can include in their wish, the more likely it is to be granted in full. People simply need to post their wish on Wholesale Landscapes Facebook page, include a link to their website and then share it on their own timeline or with their friends.

One of Wholesale Landscapes’ team members will be in touch to let people know to what degree their wish has been granted.
For more information, visit wholesalelandscapes.co.nz, call 547 5300, or come and see them at 55 Saxton Rd.