Lynnette Brooky, far left, helped Totaradale Golf Club members, Ron Hay, Helen White and Jo Hay, with their swing, during her last coaching visit. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Local golfers learn from the best


Members of Totaradale Golf Club received some one-on-one coaching from former New Zealand golf professional Lynnette Brooky earlier in the year, and she’s making a return this weekend.

The club was treated to the first exclusive visit in late January after Lynnette organised a break in Nelson with an old friend, who just happened to be a Totaradale member.

Lynnette was keen to pass on her advice and experience to other golf enthusiasts, organising with the club to host three days of coaching.

“Small clubs like Totaradale don’t have a professional like Nelson does, we’re very much coaching starved, so an opportunity like this for us is just fantastic,” says club captain, Mike Hrynkiw.

Around 24 golfers took advantage of the opportunity to learn from Lynnette over the three days.

Each day included a 90-minute practice session on their swing and long game, followed by a session on their short game and putting, before members played nine holes accompanied by Lynnette.

The day ended with a question and answer session, focusing on Lynnette’s coaching tips and experience as a tour golfer.

“There’s a lot of technical information that hasn’t reached New Zealand and I have done enough research and know emotionally how to play golf,” says Lynnette.

“The key for me is to make it effortless, because golf is effortless, when people hit the ball and say “yeah that feels so much easier”, that’s what pleases me.”

Members taking part varied in their skill level, but had one aim, to learn all they could from New Zealand’s former number one female tour golfer.

“My golf has not been particularly good and I just felt that this might help things. So far what Lynnette has told us has been simple and easy and extremely effective and it seems to be working,” says Jo Hay.

“I suppose there’s a lot of conflicting coaching ideas from professionals and all the rest, every time you look at a website someone’s got a different idea,” says Ron Hay. “Lynnette has quite a good reputation and the opportunity to be coached by her came up so I jumped at it.”

Lynnette will be back at Totaradale Golf Club on Saturday and Sunday, February 18 and 19, to host another two days of coaching.