Leo Anderson, 3, sits atop a wheelbarrow of compost brought into the Nelson South Kindergarten by Wholesale Landscape's Dion Hamilton, left, and Tom Filmer. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Kindy gets garden makeover


Wholesale Landscapes have taken the phrase, ‘prices so good we’re practically giving it away,’ to the extreme, literally giving away tonnes of free product to individuals and groups within the community.

A fortnight ago, Nelson Weekly featured an article on the Stoke-based firm who decided to make the community’s gardening and landscaping wishes come true.

Looking to help people in need or those who deserve a good deed, the firm invited people to post their wishes on the Wholesale Landscapes’ Facebook page, before granting some of the best wishes and giving away discounts and freebies to the rest.

Nelson South Kindergarten was one of the recipients, receiving a year’s supply of growing media, starting with a whole trailer load of compost for their school and community vegetable garden beds.

Teacher and coordinator of the kindergarten’s environmental schools programme, Anthea Kershaw, says she was absolutely blown away by Wholesale Landscapes’ offer.

“I just saw it in the local paper and brought the article to kindergarten, and another teacher who does Facebook put up our wish and within an hour we had a response,” says Anthea.

“It’s absolutely amazing what these guys are doing, we appreciate it so much, it’s like a gift because our gardens need replenishing, we don’t have a lot of money, we make our own compost and worm weed, but we just can’t afford anything like this.”

Wholesale Landscapes’ team member Tom Filmer says they’ve been giving away their whole range of products including composts, bark, shells and stones.

“There’s been a fair number of wishes flooding in so I think we’ll probably continue it until the end of the month and then leave it at that, it has been quite an impressive response.
“We’ve had a lot of individuals from the community come to us, and another big project we’re undertaking is redoing gardens at the hospital.”

Tom says it has been very rewarding going around and gifting the product to the community.

“It’s great to actually see it all in action, organisations and people like these coming to us and being able to give back to the community and seeing it actually implemented is a great thing.”

Tom says that people without a Facebook account can still make a wish by coming to see the team, down the drive at 55 Saxton Road in Stoke.