Photo by Brittany Spencer.

Wind a potential factor in two crashes


Tasman Police are reminding motorists to take precautions after Police attended two minor crashes in which today’s strong winds may have been a factor.

“There were no injuries in either of these incidents but with the weather warnings, motorists need to prepare for sudden changes in conditions,” says Shift Commander Senior Sergeant Clare Robertson.

“Particularly on the West Coast highways, slips are possible and can be triggered by extreme weather.”

Motorcyclists and drivers of heavy or high vehicles are urged to reconsider unnecessary travel if weather conditions deteriorate.

Clare reminds motorists to buckle up with a seatbelt, drive to the conditions and slow down where necessary.

“Use common sense and if the winds are just too strong or the rain is too heavy to feel safe and in control of your vehicle, then wait it out,” she says.

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