Ice rolls: from Thailand to Nelson


Ice rolls are a massive food phenomenon in Asia and Europe but Nelson’s Isabelle Eustace only knew of one place to get them in New Zealand.

That was until she started up her own food cart and began selling the popular ice rolls, also known as ‘I tim pad’.

The first person to sell ice rolls in the region, Isabelle says ice rolls are perfect for a summery Nelson day and already, she’s turning heads with the new treat.

Parked up in Tahunanui beside Pro Karts, Vitality Ice Rolls are serving up a show, creating designer ice creams on a -25 degree cold plate with a method that imitates a stirfry.

The ice rolls can be made with a sorbet, yoghurt, or soft serve base and are combined with fruit, numerous fillings and finished off with sauces and toppings.

“I first saw [ice rolls] in a travel article that said, ‘I tim pad is the Mr Whippy of Thailand’. So, of course, I was curious and ended up falling in love with the idea of playing with ingredients and flavours,” says Isabelle.

“Everyone loves watching me create and roll the ice cream, it’s a lot of fun but it’s not always easy, there’s a bit of an art to rolling it without any crumbling.

“My best customer is my daughter Lanie,” Isabelle jokes. “She’s always trying different bases, ingredients and flavours and her favourite, banana and chai, is one of our most popular sellers.”

The Vitality Ice Rolls kart is open in Tahunanui from 10am – 4pm Monday – Thursday and 10am – 5pm Friday – Sunday.

To find out more about ice rolls and watch Isabelle create them, click on the video above.