Jump, Bounce and More owner Nick Fowler on site with the design for Tahunanui’s new trampoline park. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Design for new trampoline park revealed


It’s all go at Tahunanui Beach as Pro Karts owner Nick Fowler prepares for the construction of a new trampoline park, after finalising a design and having trampolines shipped from China.
Announced in August, the Jump, Bounce and More trampoline park has caused a stir since its was reported in Nelson Weekly months ago.
The park will be open to VIPs for a week trial, before opening to the public in mid to late February, a month earlier than anticipated.
“It’s all very exciting, obviously we’ve got a lot of work to do but the trampolines are on their way and work starts on site this week,” says Nick.
“We’ve got to flatten out and fill this whole area, lay a big concrete pad and then, when the trampolines arrive, we have the fun job of putting it all together.”
Nestled between the back of Pro Karts and the Mega Slide, the new park will be made of 48 trampolines, including a free jump area, air bag, slam dunk spot, dodgeball court and a separate area for preschoolers.design5
Nick says there will be a kids area and a spectator area so parents will be able to keep an eye on toddlers and teenagers at the same time. “The little ones will have their own area where the big ones won’t be allowed to play, so you don’t have that risk of getting landed on or double bounced out of the park.”
Most trampoline parks target from 4-year-olds to late teens, but Nick says that from the feedback on Facebook, they’ll be getting everyone bouncing.
“It’s something that everyone can do, we’ve all had a trampoline in our backyard at some point and we’ve all jumped on them, and once you get back on one you realise how much fun they are.”
The idea to create an outdoor trampoline park in Nelson came from seeing videos of trampoline parks across the world. “I’m always looking online and at the market for new things to bring to Nelson, and as soon as I saw trampoline parks taking off overseas I thought, ‘yes, this is us’.”
The park is set to cost just over $250,000 but Nick says it is well worth it.
Bookings for parties and events can be made online at jump bounceandmore.co.nz.