STORM CLEAN-UP: Nelmac arborists Travis Fisher, Leon Tangaroa and Grant Ruthven were hard at work, clearing Cleveland Terrace after Saturday’s storm. Cleveland Terrace was closed until Monday afternoon due to fallen trees. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Arborists get to work after storm hits


Clean-up crews have been working round the clock to remove fallen trees after Saturday’s storm.

Nelmac Marketing Coordinator Nic Stuart says the biggest damage occurred at Fairfield Park, Cleveland Terrace and to a big tree on Haven Rd.

“Our arborists have been up to their knees in work,” says Nic. “The phone was ringing first thing on Sunday morning, it would have been about 4am that we started getting calls and we would have received 40 plus calls.

“Most of the really dangerous health and safety impacting jobs were done on the first day but there are a lot of less critical jobs that have been assessed and pushed back another day.”

Cleveland St resident Sally Warren took to her driveway with a chainsaw on Sunday morning, but the extensive debris and large poplar tree brought down in the storm were too immense.

A big tree on Haven Rd was ripped from its roots on Haven Rd during Saturday night's storm. Photo: Brittany Spencer.
A big tree on Haven Rd was ripped from its roots on Haven Rd during Saturday night’s storm. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

The street has been restricted to resident access only as Nelmac arborists work to remove the tree and clear mother nature’s road block.

“It’s the worst wind I have ever felt,” says Sally. “The house shook at one stage which it doesn’t do in earthquakes or anything, but it was the tree landing on the ground.”

Sally, who owns over an acre of native plantings, says there were originally three poplars standing tall beside the road.

“One fell down in 2002 and now this second one has fallen down, they are all incredibly rotten in the middle so they’re very vulnerable in stormy weather.”

Sally says that while all the residents have access to their homes, it’s going to be a big job to clear the street.
“There’s a great, huge log over the bank that they are going to have to bring a crane up to drag up, so it’s going to be quite a big job.”