Waimea Old Boys have a raft of new initiatives in place for 2017 in beyond. Photo: Evan Barnes Shuttersport.

Waimea Old Boys look long term


New Waimea Old Boys club manager, Wayne Oldham believes the rugby future is bright for the men in red and white.

The club has gone through a number of changes during the off season with a new constitution adopted, a new board established to drive the club forward, the merge of junior and senior rugby into one entity and a new man leading the way.

Previous president Duane Whiting has stepped down but will remain on the governing board.

Former 2IC Wayne has stepped up to the head role as club manager while Jono Phillips has come on board as rugby manager to improve pathways for players, coaches and the club in general.

A new Waimea Old Boys app for smartphones and iPads is set to be launched before Christmas and Wayne hopes it will become a one-stop shop for everything club-related, from news to trainings to cancellations.

Mark Milne has also remained as senior coach while Scott McKenzie will take charge of the Senior Bs.

Steve Curtis will stay with the women’s team.

Wayne admitted the club was not as prepared as it should have been for the 2015 season which showed in the high player turnover at senior level.

“The board will look after governance and finances for the club… We need to come together as one club and having the same conversations,” Wayne says.

“Jono’s role is from junior right through to senior so the club needed to reflect that.”

Wayne thanked Duane for his efforts and commitment as president and was thankful to have him on the new board.

“Duane is still passionate about the club and him wanting to be on the board works for both sides.. He’s done an awesome job.”

Wayne says he wants the club to make the most of their assets and ensure they become more self-sustainable and less reliant on the charity dollar.

“Everyone is really excited about where things are going and we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that things on and off the field improve for Waimea Old Boys.”