Two men arrested following trail of stolen cars


Nelson Police arrested two men yesterday, following an operation investigating a number of stolen vehicles.

The operation focussed on a number of stolen vehicles and associated crimes from the Nelson, Mapua and Wakefield areas since the beginning of the year until now.

A number of these vehicles were extensively damaged after being driven in an inappropriate manner and being burnt, along with the property inside them.

The destroyed vehicles are valued at approximately $140,000.

Several search warrants executed over recent weeks have located some of the property from the stolen vehicles.

A 19-year-old male has been charged with 31 offences, including theft of motor vehicles, arson, theft ex car, and possession of methamphetamine and utensils.

A second 19-year-old male has been charged with 20 offences relating to theft of motor vehicles, arson and theft ex car.

Associates of these two offenders have also been spoken to and Police will not rule out other persons being charged, with this being an ongoing investigation.

Sergeant Dale Smith from Nelson Tactical Unit says, “It appears the use of methamphetamine and other drugs has been a factor given the mindless destruction of private property.

“The financial cost to a lot of these victims and the feeling of insecurity at their own homes has caused a them a lot of undue stress.”

Nelson Police thanks those affected for coming forward and assisting in the investigation, and encourages anyone else who is a victim of crime to report to Police as soon as possible.