Waimea Irrigation Limited told the Tasman District Council that it has support from land owners.

Tasman rejects Easter trading


The Tasman District Council has decided Easter Sunday should remain a non-trading day in the District.

Thursday’s decision comes after an informal feedback period, in which online and telephone surveys were used to gauge public sentiment about Easter Sunday trading.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said the results of the surveys were mixed, with online poll results contrasting with the results of a telephone survey.

“In the self-selecting online survey, which attracted 1421 responses, 62% were opposed to Easter Sunday trading. In the random selection telephone survey of 595 Nelson and Tasman residents, 55% were supportive of Easter Sunday trading.

“That result did not provide us a compelling reason to change the status quo, in which Easter Sunday is a non-trading day for most shops.

“Add that to that a consultation process demanded by such a policy change would cost ratepayers approximately $20,000 with the very real possibility of an outcome being very similar to the previous surveys we had to ask, why go there?

“The Council therefore decided in favour of retaining Easter Sunday as one of the few guaranteed days off for most retail and hospitality workers to spend with family.

“The reason we are considering the issue of Easter Sunday trading at all is because the Government has devolved the responsibility of deciding whether to allow shops to open to local councils.”