Waimea Irrigation Limited told the Tasman District Council that it has support from land owners.

New subdivision rules for rural Tasman


The Tasman District Council has finalised the new rules governing rural land use and subdivision to better protect the district’s best productive land.

The changes include new subdivision rules in the Rural 1 and 2 zones, more flexible housing provisions that better cater for co-operative living and modern family living requirements, and guidance and controls on business activities in rural zones.

Councillor Stuart Bryant, says the council received 145 submissions on the proposed changes earlier this year. Public meetings in Wakefield, Motueka and Takaka attracted a good turnout and provided useful feedback, Stu says.

“We made several changes to the proposed rules as a result of the feedback, but the outcome we’re trying to achieve remains the same – greater protection for our best productive land, recognition of the importance of rural character and better controls on business and associated noise and traffic in rural areas.

“People also wanted more flexibility to organise their land holdings in a way that suits them, while others asked for recognition of co-operative living, or to be able to cater for larger family groups living on the same block of land, so that has been incorporated as well.”

Stu says the major proposed change to subdivision rules in the Rural 1 and 2 zones had been confirmed and was now in effect.

“Previously landowners were able to subdivide as a ‘Controlled Activity’ which requires a low level of consent. From now on, people have a final opportunity to subdivide but any further re-subdivision of the same block of land is discouraged. In planning terms, re-subdivision has become a ‘Non-complying Activity’. There are exceptions. Amalgamations and boundary adjustments which improve productive opportunity are encouraged.”

The new rules are in effect now, although submitters have a right of appeal if they disagree with the final decisions.