Nelson’s Christmas wish list revealed


What do Nelsonians want for Christmas? Well, according to according to Trade Me’s annual list of top ten Christmas searches for the Nelson Bays region, they want imaginary animals, sports gear and the good old kiwi classic – the trampoline.

The internet trading site has revealed that the most searched for item in November was Hatchimals, followed by Nike, trampolines, Lego, iPhones, Adidas, Country Road/Karen Walker, puppies, Pokémon and PS4 (Playstation 4).

Trade Me spokesperson Jeff Hunkin says Hatchimals – interactive creatures that hatch from an egg –  are one of the ‘it’ toys around the world this year, and are a new entrant to the top 10 list in most regions around the country.

Hatchimals need to be cared for so they grow older – the idea is to nurture your egg, make it hatch then look after it and teach it how to sing, walk and talk.

But, it’s not surprising they have topped the list – most NZ retailers have sold out and Trade Me bring is one of the only places left to try and get one.

Jeff says the Lego, trampolines and iPhones continue to be popular searches every year, while fashion brands Adidas, Country Road and Karen Walker make an appearance too.

Gifts that have fallen off the radar from last Christmas include kayaks, Converse shoes, barbeques, mountain bikes, outdoor furniture, camping gear and jet boats.