Local divers clean up the port


Nelson Underwater Club members got together on Saturday to clean up Port Nelson’s ocean bed.clean-up-5

With 10 divers and five helpers, the group spent three hours hauling debris and rubbish off the ocean bed.

“It was an awesome day,” says club member Rob Hawkes. “The sun was shining and the sea was like glass, it was a hot, hot day and we had about 15 of our members involved who spent three hours scouring the coastal berth and around Wakefield Quay, clearing stuff off the bottom.

clean-up-4“We’d heard stories of people dropping all cellphones, sunglasses and sorts of things off the coastal pontoon and we got tyres, bits of pipe, scrubbing brushes, boat mats, cans, bottles and a bike but it there as much stuff as we thought so it was relatively clean which was great.”

Rob says that while the clean up was an easy dive for members who hadn’t been in the water over the winter season, there was poor visibility under the water.

“The guys could only see 5 or 6cm in front of their face so a lot of it was done by feel but they managed to grab some good stuff.”clean-up-7

It’s the first time the club have done and underwater clean up of a section of the port but Rob says he hopes it will be a regular thing.

“A lot of ports around the country have been doing for five or six years and I saw people doing it at the port in Wellington and thought it was a great idea so decided to give it a crack here and Port Nelson were great in supporting us.”

And it wasn’t all work and no play, among the objects hauled out of the water was a small bike which the guys took turns at riding off the wharf.