Nelson’s Alex Way competes in the strongman competition at the A & P Show which proved popular with crowds over the two days. Photo: Barry Whittnall/Shuttersport.

Who’s our strongest?


As far as weekends go, Richmond’s Alex Way had one out of the ordinary at the Nelson A & P Show.

The 18-year-old flexed his muscles pulling farm machinery and lifting tyres at the annual strong man competition.

A field of 20, split across both genders, took on the challenge and Alex wanted to make sure he looked the part.

“The blue bucket hat and thick beard, strong man code.”

Alex says the competition is a spectacle and the weights are easily relatable.

“If you put weights on a bar it’s not as easy for people to understand just how tough that is but if you pull a tractor then they can get an idea of what it’s like.”

Alex says the event is starting point for people and a chance for individuals to push themselves.

“We get people from all walks of life and this is the only novice competition in the country.”

Alex finished sixth in the men’s field.

Nelson’s Louise Kelly, more known for her judo expertise won the New Zealand’s Strongest Woman title while Christchurch’s Deynemn Kara won the men’s crown.

Event organiser Luke Slotemaker says the event will continue to grow and is gaining a following nationally as an event that is well worth coming down to compete in.