What colour is your water?


According to the Nelson City Council, residents may have discoloured water running through their taps in the coming days.

The discoloured water is due to a combination of earthquakes, dam water and a significant water main break.

The November 14 earthquake and its aftershocks has caused Nelson pipes to shake and disturb their organic lining leading to discoloured water.

In addition, due to run off from heavy rain affecting the water in the Maitai River, the main water supply is instead being taken directly from the Dam and has been for a number of days. Prolonged use from this source does lead to discoloured water.

Finally, there has also been a significant water main break, possibly due to the earthquake, which may contribute to water quality issues, especially in the Stoke area.

Residents are reminded that the water is safe to drink and it is continually monitored, at a rate far greater than the Ministry of Health requires.

Council says these issues should all be resolved within the next week.

In the meantime if residents experience discoloured water, they should run a tap for around 10 minutes. You can stop sooner if the water runs clear.

If the water fails to run clear after this time, residents can contact Council on 546 0200 to arrange for a contractor to flush pipes in that area.