Toilet paper stolen during school break in


Nayland Primary School staff got a bit of a surprise when they arrived yesterday morning to find a smashed window and broken lock on their caretaker’s shed.

toilet paper rollsBut much to the amusement of many, the only thing taken from the shed was four packets of toilet rolls.

Principal Janice Gulbransen says the school’s caretaker shed was broken into sometime between 6.30pm on Tuesday and 6.30am yesterday.

“The window was broken and the lock on the door had been cut off, they’d cut themselves on the glass and have left blood and fingerprints behind which the police have done their ID work on.

“It’s the first time we’ve been broken into in a long time and it’s the first time that shed has been hit.

Janice says while it made for a very eventful morning the break in was a complete nuisance.

“It’s another expense for us in terms of replacing the window, getting a new lock, it wastes the caretakers time and quite frankly it’s just a big nuisance that we could definitely do with out.”

The break in comes a day after the school’s sports coordinator’s bike lock was cut and her bike was stolen from the school carpark.