Waimea College pupil Shaane Fulton is one of the women's sprinters in the New Zealand Track Cycling team for the Oceania Championships in Melborune next month. Photo Supplied.

Shaane on the track to international success


Waimea College’s Shaane Fulton has realised her dream of representing New Zealand in track cycling.

The 16-year-old sprinter has been picked in the Cycling New Zealand under-19 team for the Oceania Championships in Melbourne next month. Shaane says it is something she’s wanted for a long time.

“I’m struggling with my words and to describe how I feel. This is something I’ve wanted since I was eight-years-old.”

Shaane put herself firmly into the running for New Zealand selection by winning the national Under-17 women’s sprint title earlier this year.

More medals followed and she knew she was on the cusp of cracking the team.

“I’ve been really consistent and I knew I was on the radar to be picked but there’s a difference when you see it written down.

She has also done it without a quality velodrome in Nelson to train on.

Shaane splits her time between road racing and training on the old velodrome on the outside of the Trafalgar Park pitch.

She says she’s anticipating the completion of the Saxton Velodrome at the end of the year.

“I believe you never stop improving on a good velodrome.

“I notice a difference when I’m on the ones in Southland and Cambridge.”

Shaane says she was inspired by her mum to try the sport after the family had moved to Nelson.

“I went to what they called Junior Trackies (at age five) and raced around on my pink bike.

“At nine I was racing and then came my first nationals and I just fell in love with the sport.”

Shaane says she loves training and seeing the improvement in technique and times.

She also loves the adrenaline of being in a bunch of riders before she makes her claim for victory.

Shaane has a training camp in Cambridge on November 24 before another one in Melbourne on December 3 with racing starting four days later.

She says the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are her next big target, with the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 being the major target.