An error in a table made a question impossible to answer. Photo: NZ Herald.

NZQA apologises over maths question


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has apologised for a botch-up in yesterday’s maths exam.

The authority this morning apologised for a mistake in a question in the level 3 statistics paper.

Students sitting the three hour exam were left unable to give a correct answer after an error in a table.

The qualifications deputy chief executive Kristine Kilkelly today apologised to students saying no student who struggled with the question would be left disadvantaged.

“In the examination there was an error in a data table in of one of the three questions that meant students couldn’t answer part of that question,” she said.

“We are committed to ensuring that no student will be disadvantaged as a result.”

She said despite comprehensive quality assurance processes in place the error had slipped through and the authority was sorry that occurred.

An investigation would be launched to detect how the error had not been found earlier.

Papers from yesterday’s senior maths exam would be marked with the impact of the error being taken into account.

“The examination papers will be marked as normal by the panel that has been made aware of the issue – they will take this into account when grading students work,” she said.


– Story by Lynley Bilby/NZ Herald