The Trafalgar Centre is undamaged following this morning's earthquake. Photo: Toby Harvey/Eagle Imaging.

Nelson buildings escape damage


Nelson’s main civic buildings seem to have escaped any damage from Monday morning’s “severe” earthquake.

Civic House, the Christ Church Cathedral, Nelson Airport, Saxton Stadium, and the Trafalgar Centre have all reported no damaged after the 7.5 earthquake centred in North Canterbury shortly after midnight.

Nelson City Council Communications advisor Paul Shattock says Civic House appears to have suffered no damage other than a couple of computer monitors tipping over.

Nelson Airport Operations Manager James Middlewick says the buildings and the runway are all undamaged and operational however, some flights have been delayed.

Brent Maru, General Manger Facilities Sport Tasman says the Richmond Town Hall, Saxton Stadium, and the Motueka Recreation Centre are all fine.

“There’s not even a book off the shelves, not a piece of broken glass, nothing.”

Saxton Stadium and the Motueka Recreation Centre remain open however Brent says the Richmond Town Hall will be closed for the day, purely to allow staff to be at home with their families.