The former Point Gallery and ‘Crusty Crab’ cafe in Monaco have closed its doors this month after “numerous complaints”. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Monaco studio and cafe close after ‘numerous complaints’


The Point Studio and Crusty Crab cafe have closed their doors after being Monaco’s social hub for over two decades.

Iconic glass and metal artist Nikki Johnson and coffee and carrot cake extraordinaire Patrick Smith have shut up shop and are reclaiming their weekends, leaving a note explaining their absence to devoted regulars.

monaco5“After 28 years of the studio and 8 years of the Crusty Crab, we’re sorry to say that we are closed for now.

“After numerous complaints from the locals, about too much traffic and people and being popular – we can’t downsize! So we are buying a little boat and getting our weekends back for the first time in years.”

A local took to social media to express their disappointment on the closure.

“I am shocked and disappointed to hear the Crusty Crab will be closing… due to various locals’ complaints! I for one am a local and loved being able to nip around the corner for a coffee and cake… All the best for your future endeavours, you will be greatly missed by many!”

The sign then thanked those who have supported the studio and cafe before hinting that their doors may not stay closed.

“We will be keeping our licence open, so who knows? After a break we might open again in future!”