Anna Batty, left, and Laura Bingham are Waimea College duxs for 2016.

Laura and Anna share Waimea dux


Anna Batty and Laura Bingham are this year’s Waimea College joint-duxs after the exceptional academic achievements of the two students was only separated by a microscopic margin.

The two year 13 students were named as joint-duxs at the college’s senior academic prizegiving on Friday. Anna had earlier been named as the top history and statistics student while Laura recieved awards for accounting, biology and chemistry as well as the AICA NZ Ltd Award and Network Tasman Award.

The Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence went to Alex Scott with the General Excellence Award for Girls and Janet Hunt Cup going to Georgia Bueno. Callum Whitten received the General Excellence Award Boys and K Anderson Cup.

The other main award winners were: Wilkinson-Marwick Family Award, Jeremy Lordan; Dr Janelle McKenzie Cup, Chenda Ear; Altrusa Scholarship, Connie Parkes; Soroptimist International Science Award, Natasha de Kriek; Safe and  Sound Ltd Scholarship, Megan Stack; Unichem Richmond Mall Award, Louis Davis; Richmond Rotary Club Scholarship, Michelle Fridman; Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Scholarship, Sarah Brooke; Taikato Taonga Award, Bailee Tava; Nelson Federation of Graduate Women Trust, Oliva Flanagan; Karen Richards Trophy for Excellence in Textiles Technology, Codi Mahuika; Amy Filer Memorial Award for Cultural Leadership, Izzy Harper and Graham Harris Memorial Trophy, Clare Leyland.

The Year 13 award-winners for excellence were: Oliver Armstrong, Physical Education and  Health; Tessa Bashford, Psychology; Anna Batty, History, Statistics (301Mas); Laura Bingham, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, [AICA NZ Ltd Award], [Network Tasman Award]; McKenzee Botica, Gateway; Ian Cadwallader, Physical Education; Louise Davis, Music; Natasha de Kriek, Digital Technology Studies; Georgia Dunn, [Senior Languages Cup]; Morgan Eggers, Design and  Visual Communication; Kayla Fish, Health Education; Tegen Fisher, English Extension, French; Olivia Flanagan, Drama; Savanna Grainger, Food Technology; Brandon Hart, Hospitality; Michael Johnsen, Mathematics; Jessica Ladley, Visual Art – Photography; Katie Linney, Materials Technology, [Bernina Voucher]; Jeremy Lordan, Visual Art – Painting; Andrew Murton, Mechanical Engineering; Jamie Newman-Watt, Psychology; Marcus Oliver-Schou, English; Jasmin Papworth, Visual Art – Design, [Konica Minolta Award] for Visual Art Design; Sarika Ramola, ESOL; Jake Rasmussen, Special Education – Independent Learning; Alex Scott, Classical Studies, Mathematics with Calculus, Physics, [NZIP Physics Prize], [Network Tasman Award]; Isabelle Taikato, [Alana Crawford Cup] for Media Studies; Quinn Ward, Geography; Olivia Wardle, [Hoglund Art Glass Award] for Visual Art Painting; Libby Wehner, Tourism; Callum Whitten, [Kate Batten Trophy] for Visual Art Photography

Year 12 awards for excellence went to: Andy Black, Science; Amiee Book, Psychology; Abbey Bremner, Digital Technology Media; Ashleigh Burke, Mechanical Engineering; Saffron Coppell-Lenfert, Design and  Visual Communication; Christopher Dippie, Digital Technology Studies, Electronics; Fran Dixon-Stermi, Media Studies, [Deanna Waters Cup]; Sarah Ewers, Special Education – Independent Learning; Caleb Fraser, Mathematics; Michael Gibbs, Performing Arts; Chris Gray,            Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, [Network Tasman Award]; Sione Inisi, Food Technology; Corina Johnstone, Economics; Talia Kacmis, Dance; Maegan Kay, Drama; Daniel Kerr, Headstart; Tyrone Kuipers, Materials Technology, Outdoor Education; Mara Leyland, Classical Studies, English; Tanē MacDonald, Visual Art – Design; Codi Mahuika, Level 2/3 Materials Technology Textiles, Tourism, [Karen Richards Trophy], [Bernina Voucher]; Paige McCrorie, Health Education; Angela McFadyen, Hospitality; Josh McPherson, Mathematics, Physical Education; Hannah Moreton, Biology, Chemistry, Physics [Network Tasman Award]; Sam Newport, History; Nena Noiklin, ESOL; Elizabeth Osborn, Mathematics; Riley O’Sullivan-Moffat, Mathematics; Daisy Penfold, English; Shawn Pomeroy, English; Pete Robinson, Mathematics; Lilly-Mae Salmond,  Visual Art – Photography; Taylah Shuker, English; Annie Smith, [Clairmont Cup for Excellence in Art]; Emma Somervell, English, Psychology; Kate Standish,  Geography, Japanese; Flynn Stilwell, Technology; Liam Thompson, Music; Gemma Thompson, Mathematics, Physics; Naomi Tomasson, Visual Art – Painting; Beth Versey, English, Visual Art – Painting; Louise Walker, Biology, Mathematics; Brian Walker, Agriculture and  Horticulture; Neve Williams, Business Studies, [McLauchlan Cup] Best in Senior Business Course; Demi Woolley, Physical Education and  Health

Year 11 awards for excellence went to: Taine Allen, Physical Science; Taro Arima, Mathematics, Physical Science; Jordana Arnold,     Biological Science, Dance, English, Mathematics; Aimee Bartle, English; Katelyn Carter, Accounting, Physical Education and  Health; Wing Yu Chong, Mathematics; Hayley Christie, Food Technology; Kayla Clarke, English; Bradley Davis, Mathematics; Matthew Earle, Mechanical Engineering; Shaane Fulton, Materials Technology Textiles; Nell Glover,            English, Science, Japanese; Emma Gordon, Physical Education and  Health; Leilani Grey, Physical Education and  Health; Charlotte Grimwood, Digital Technology Media; Braydon Harvie, Materials Technology; Brianna Heine, Science; Shaya Helem, Mathematics; Ellie Huxtable, Hospitality; Onruedi Homhuan, ESOL; Caitlynn Illingworth, English, History; Oscar Jary, Digital Technology Studies; Daniel Johnsen, English; Cameron Jones, Outdoor Education, Science; Mac Karalus, Design and  Visual Communication, Electronics, English, Science, Level 2 Mathematics, [Network Tasman Award]; Britney Kerr, English, Mathematics; Lucy King, Drama, Science; Sam Kininmonth, Geography; Laura Koleff, Music; Shania Kuipers, Visual Art, [McMillan Cup for Excellence in Painting]; Rachel Maisey, History; Maggie McLean, Physical Education; Finn Mitchell, Outdoor Education; Kayla Palmer, English, Visual Art; Summer Pritchard, French; Rebecca Rea, Media Studies; Brooke Reiha, Visual Art; Zak Richardson Hall, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science; Demi Salton, [Promising Young Writers Award]; Shannon Sinclair, Biological Science, English, Mathematics [Network Tasman Award]; Holly Sturrock, Geography, Mathematics; Ashleigh Sumner, Economics; Maryanne Walker, Agriculture and  Horticulture, Health Education; Brooke Willoughby, Mathematics.

The principal’s prizegiving special awards were: Candace Burcin Cup, Gabrielle Emerson; Nelson Repertory Drama Cup, Stuart Corkery; R C Bryant Music Cup, Louise Davis; Vonda Bradley Memorial Award, Ryan Sullivan; Waimea College Public Speakers Cup, Quinn Burrell; House Captains, Ellie MacIntyre, Jeremy Lordan, Courtney Hawke, Brodie Bosecke, Casey Ogilvie, Mardi McBride, McKenzee Botica, Josh Smolenski.