King tides etch away sand dunes


Take a walk along the Tahunanui back beach and you’ll notice several of the built up sand dunes have now been carved in half or have disappeared altogether.

dunes3It’s nothing new, king tides have been etching away the sand dunes for decades but this week’s supermoon-charged king tides have made a decent dent.

Supermoons are positioned closer to the earth than normal, creating a stronger gravitational pull on the ocean which results in king tides across the country.

The brightest supermoon experienced in 68 years produced a 4.6m high tide just before noon on Wednesday, ripping out sections of dune fencing and wiping out several dunes.

Even today’s high tide of 4.3 metres was lapping at the bottom of the newly cut-off dunes.

Earlier in the week Nelson City Council communications manager Paul Shattock told Fairfax they were unconcerned by the supermoon and had no extra monitoring was in place.