Police were called after a man stabbed a dog to death after it attacked his wife.

Golden Bay man sentenced for stabbing dog to death


A Golden Bay man who stabbed a dog to death after it attacked his wife has been sentenced to 100 hours’ community work for the crime.

Gordon Jenkins stabbed the border collie in the neck 43 times after the attack on his wife, Teresa Jenkins. She had a softball-sized chunk torn from her leg, received deep puncture wounds and bruising to her buttocks and thighs and needed extensive hospital treatment.

Jenkins was charged with theft and ill-treatment of an animal.

Fairfax reported today that the 58-year-old was sentenced in the Nelson District Court.

Jenkins blamed an unmanned police station for his actions – he duct-taped the dog’s mouth shut and took it to the Takaka police station.

Jenkins killed the dog eight hours after the attack, disappointed at what he perceived as a lack of action by police.

But the court heard police had indicated to Jenkins they would remove the dog from the general population, Fairfax reported.

That prompted him to collect the dog from a woman caring for the dog, whose owner was away receiving cancer treatment.

Jenkins lawyer Brett Daniell-Smith said his client, who was suffering severe depression and financial troubles while facing terminal cancer, when the attack occurred had shown remorse for his actions.

Crown prosecutor Ruth Thomas emphasised the “premeditated nature” of the stabbing and asked for a short jail sentence, Fairfax reported.

Judge Bill Wilson said that would be “inappropriate”.

“There must be a difference between wilful ill-treatment of an animal and a misguided attempt to dispatch an animal that in your mind had lost its right to live.”


– Story by NZ Herald