Garry has brief end to long career


Richmond car salesman Garry Sefton celebrated his last day on the job in jocular fashion on Friday, wearing just a tie, painted-on shirt  and pair of underpants to work.

Garry, who retired after 36 years as a car salesman, proved to be a big attraction at the Car Company’s Richmond yard, getting plenty of looks from passer-bys and toots from cars driving on Salisbury Rd.  However, Garry admitted he was regretting his decision to make his last day extra memorable when he arrived at work at 6am on a cool and drizzly Friday after a week of warm, sunny weather.

Garry says his first car sales job was at Bowling Motors in Feilding in 1980. He moved to Timaru in 1984 to work for Bailey Motors and then transferred to Christchurch in 1992, making over 100 trips to Japan to buy second-hand cars for Integrity Cars Wholesale.

A brief stint for Mccaulay Motors in Southland before “the weather chased me out” was followed by a romantically-motivated move to Nelson where he joined the Car Company, initially at Vanguard St and then in Richmond.

He says the biggest change in car sales over the last 36 years has been the explosion of the second-hand Japanese import market. It started when car dealers “saw the New Zealand army guys bringing duty-free Japanese cars back from Singapore” in the 1980s and has transformed the way New Zealanders buy and drive their cars.

Garry says he and his wife Trevena have plenty of plans for his retirement, including travelling in their motorhome, which of course will be towing their fishing boat. He is also writing a book on selling techniques based on his 36 years of selling cars which he hopes to have published later next year.