Four-year-old Aiden Brown in one of the brand new Go Baby Go BMWs given to local kids on Wednesday. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Four year old given brand new BMW


How do you give a four-year-old boy some independence – you give him a brand new BMW of course.

That logic makes perfect sense to Christchurch initiative Go Baby Go who paid a special visit to Founders Heritage Park on Wednesday.

Go Baby Go gives specially adapted electric toy BMWs to children with mobility problems, allowing them to explore, move around, strengthen their muscles with a bit of fun physio and not miss out on any fun.

Five children from around the region with varying mobility problems were given cars, and among them was Stoke’s Aidan Brown.

Aidan has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative muscular disease with no current cure but while driving his new car on Wednesday he was just a very excited little boy with a massive smile.

“I don’t think we’ll get him out of it,” says Aidan’s mum Nicki. “He was a wee bit nervous at first but he’s all go now.”

Nicki says they are trying to keep him moving but he gets tired quickly so the car will be a big help.

“He’s still relatively mobile at the moment so we’re just keeping going as much as we can but it will gradually start getting worse.”

So far, Go Baby Go have given away 99 specially adapted cars with the help of BMW, Sunrise Rotary Club of Christchurch and local businesses such as Access Mobility.