The incident happened on a Bombardier Q300. Photo: NZ Herald.

Flight attendant hurt in severe turbulence


A Kiwi flight attendant has been injured after a severe bout of turbulence on an Air New Zealand plane travelling from Nelson to Christchurch.

The attendant suffered the injuries on flight NZ8527 on October 19 aboard a Bombardier Q300 aircraft.

A spokeswoman for the airline said no passengers were hurt and paramedics assessed the attendant’s injuries after the plane touched down, but could not confirm the nature of the injuries due to privacy.

Only nine days earlier, on October 10, four people were hurt when an Air New Zealand flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Auckland hit serve turbulence.

Passengers on board flight NZ268 described it as a “flight from hell”.

One passenger, Vince Newbold, said the plane dropped 100ft in the worst of the turbulence.

Prior to take-off the plane was delayed for two hours because of issues with its brakes.

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman confirmed four people sustained minor injuries from the turbulence.

The flight returned to Ho Chi Minh City where paramedics boarded the plane on the runway to assess the injured.

In January a flight from Tokyo to Auckland hit bad turbulence while over the Pacific ocean.

Air New Zealand said a “small number” of people were injured and were treated by doctors on board.


– Story by NZ Herald