A crash on State Highway 6 this morning involving two cars and a truck resulted in one driver being taken to hospital. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Crash on State Highway 6


At around 9am this morning a crash on State Highway 6, near the intersection of Aniseed Valley Rd and Edens Rd, saw one lady taken to hospital.

Police say the motor vehicle incident involved two cars and a truck but would not comment further on the events leading up to the crash.

Megan Burn was the driver of one of the cars involved in the incident and said the crash occurred after vehicles traveling towards Richmond had slowed for a log truck which had pulled out of the intersection and into traffic.

“The cars had been slowing down, the car in front of me braked quite heavily so I braked a bit harder but the lady behind me [in a Holden Captiva, didn’t slow down in time]. She came straight up behind me, swerved at the last second to avoid me and hit the Higgins truck, but  then bounced back and hit [the rear drivers side] of my car and that was where everything stopped,” says Megan.

Fire appliances from Brightwater and Richmond attended with around four Police cars, and a St John Ambulance which took the driver of the Holden Captiva to hospital.

“I know that she was in a lot of pain,” says Megan. “I’m just very, very shaky but other wise I’m fine. It all happened very quick and finished very quick.”

The road will be opened as soon as the vehicles are removed from the scene.