Cone confusion on Queen St


Richmond’s main street is dotted with no-parking cones along the road and pavement, confusing drivers and pedestrians alike.

Multiple people have contacted Nelson Live following the cone confusion along Queen St so we thought we’d investigate.

car queen st no parking coneThe cones are placed along Queen St which is currently undergoing work ahead of the major street upgrade happening next year.

Tasman District Council’s Chris Choat says the work is being done overnight to minimise disruptions so the cones should be on the pavement and not out on the road during the daytime.

“When the car parks become free in the evening which is generally from 5pm, they’ll move [the cones] out onto the carparks so that contractors doing the work can move their machinery in there without any hinderance.

“The cones will usually get moved back later in the night so when people arrive early in the morning they should find those car parks free.”

Chris believes the cones on the road causing confusion were placed there by individuals being silly and says “atleast they’re not being put up a tree”.

“It looks like some wag has shifted the cones out to the car parks, I think he was just having a bit of a laugh.”

The job is expected to last a couple more weeks but Chris says in the meantime drivers should be able to use car parks during the day.