A Columbus Cafe waiter confronts a woman who is alleged to have “dined and dashed” from the cafe. Photo: Supplied.

Cafe runners refuse to pay


Two women who “dined and dashed” from a Nelson cafe told the waiter who chased after them that they would say he assaulted them if he called police, it is alleged.

The two women sat at an outside table at Columbus Cafe in Morrison Square last Wednesday and demanded table service.

A female staff member told them they didn’t do table service and they had to order at the counter.

The women refused and finally a male waiter came and took their order.

After eating the women took off, but the waiter chased them and caught up with one of the women on Selwyn Place. The other escaped to the Cathedral gardens.

Columbus owner Ian Brassfield says the waiter told the woman to pay for their meal but she told him that she wouldn’t and if he called police she would say he assaulted her.

The European waiter didn’t know if he was allowed to restrain the woman and she took off again.

The confrontation was captured by a member of the public on their smart phone.

Ian says he was furious that people would be so brazen and wanted to alert other cafe and restaurant owners that this was happening.

“I want them caught because if they’ll do it to us they’ll do it to others, too.”

Ian says he’s also lodged a complaint with police.