Boat builder Ben Cox hoped the Fight 4 Victory is the first of 10 fights he'd like to compete in before he gets too old. Photo: Evan Barnes Shuttersport.

Boxer vows to fight again after Victory


Ben Cox stood with a shiner under his left eye, a beer in his hand a winners’ belt around his waist and a desire to fight another nine times.

In the moments after Fight 4 Victory 3, the boatbuilder says he’s keen to go from corporate boxing to amateur.

“I’d love to get in the ring 10 times before I’m too old. That was number 1.”

It had been a long journey to the ring for the 30-year-old who had originally signed up to Victory Boxing to lose weight.

“I have ended up losing 16kg but this [event] was something I’ve had on my mind.

“When I first started going they were doing the preparation for the second Fight 4 Victory.

“I remember telling Paul [Hampton] that I was keen and if they needed someone to fight or step in at the last minute, I was their man.”

Ben’s patience paid off last night with a majority decision win over Adam Mokhtar.

Ben finished the stronger in the third and final two-minute round, but he wasn’t so sure about the triumph.

“I wasn’t overly happy with how I went because I thought Adam did enough, especially early.

“I remember it being over and thinking ‘oh, I may have lost that’.”

In the end, Ben was one of nine red corner winners on the 11-fight card.

“I feel for the blue team, they all worked just as hard as us yet they had a tough night.

“For me, I wasn’t as nervous before my fight as I was for my teammates’ fights.

“We’ve trained together for 14 weeks and I wanted them to all do well.”