Video: orcas swim along shoreline


While most people were at work, a handful of lucky beachgoers made the most of a close encounter with a pod of orcas just before noon today.

The pod was made up of 5-6 killer whales, including one calf.

The orcas made their way along Rocks Rd towards Tahunanui, beside the beach, down the blind channel and continued in the direction of Rabbit Island.

Local, Tom Morris was about to go for a run when he saw the pod.

“We’ve got a studio on Rocks Rd and I was just going to go for a run, I was just putting on my shoes when I saw this black thing get tossed up in the air, it looked like a seal as it was coming down.

“They must have been training the little pup/calf because the mother threw it up in the air a couple of times, I don’t think she was trying to kill it, she just looked like she was trying to get the pup to try.”

“There was a mother and calf swimming really close to the road, two others hunting together and at least one further out in the bay that I could see.”

Paddleboarder Lyndon Chandler managed to follow them from Tahunanui Beach down the blind channel

“I busted my butt to catch up to them up… it’s an amazing experience, you don’t feel unsafe at all, you’re just wondering where they are and when you can get the next best shot of them.”


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