Two person protest against Lewis Stanton


Two local ladies decided to make their own stand against Lewis Stanton today, hanging washing outside Starbucks and Farmers on Trafalgar St, next to the space that Stanton occupies.

Protester Pat Craig said she had thought of the idea before the shops started hanging washing in their windows and thought if she didn’t “hurry up and get it done, it would lose it’s momentum.”

Along with supporter Margaret Bowler, the pair have hung up various items of clothing on a rope line, along with a sign stating ‘If it’s OK 4 Hone, it’s OK 4 me’, and are knitting in between conversations with interested passers-by.

We think it looks disgusting with the washing hanging outside Farmers, well anywhere along the main street so while Hone might think we’re supporting him, we’re not,” says Pat. “We’re trying to push somebody in authority to actually do something to get his washing out of the way. If everybody would join in and we all did this, something would have to be done. We don’t agree with him at all, well his washing anyway, I think that’s a step too far.”

The protest, which was set up around midday, has already attracted some conversation although Pat doesn’t know if she will be returning next Sunday.